Healthy Organic Personal Care

10 08 2009

By: Hillary Marshall

SEATTLE – (Rezox TV) — When attempting to live a more green or organic lifestyle many people become so focused on the global environment they often overlook their own personal care. What few realize is that the personal care products that are most often used contain chemicals that can not only be harmful to the environment, but also to the human body. There are many alternative product choices one can choose that will make a significant difference in both the care of our environment and the care of ourselves as individuals.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat
Knowing what chemical ingredients to avoid when selecting a safer shampoo is key. Steer clear of shampoos that contain sodium myreth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, polyoxyethylene and phenoxyethanol. Not only are some of these ingredients linked to the human carcinogen dioxin, but many of them are known skin irritants. Some other things you should look for are labels that state they are Paraben free and also ingredient list that don’t include coal tar. Looking for shampoos that are comprised of fewer ingredients is best. For your littlest family members California Baby products work well. They make shampoos, bubble baths, bodywash, creams and dozens of other excellent products your family will love. Burt’s Bees products are fantastic for adults, not only are they fairly easy to find, but they carry a wide variety of safe and natural products.

Scrub Up
When selecting your soap or bodywash there are a few things, that although tempting should be avoided. Look for products that are Phthalates free or fragrance free. These chemicals are not really proven safe in scientific study and should really be avoided. If you really enjoy fragrant products, look for products that use botanical fragrances like essential oils. Although it sounds like a great concept, avoid products that are labeled antibacterial. Not only is there increased concern pertaining to the overuse of these products contributing to the increased presence of resistant bacteria, but overall they work no better than other soaps. Some brands to try would be Kiss My Face, Aveda, Tom’s of Maine, Terressentials and Aubrey Organics.

Brush, Rinse, Spit
Good dental hygiene is important to most people. Following the same guidelines as with other personal care products is wise. Always avoid sodium lauryl sulfate in your toothpaste. Additionally, avoid Parabens and artificial sweeteners in your toothpaste. When your ready to rinse your mouth, there are a few things your mouthwash shouldn’t have either. Of course you will avoid sodium lauryl sulfate. In addition to that though you will want to stay away from coal tar colorants like FD&C Blue 1, FD&C Green 3, FD&C Yellow 5 and FD&C Yellow 6 because they are known carcinogens. Needless to say looking for products that are labeled free of artificial colors and sweeteners is best. Although there is no concrete dangers linked to floss, there are many concerns being investigated. It is best to probatively use something labeled no PFCs which is the chemical of concern. Some companies to check out for your oral hygiene needs are Tom’s of Maine, Eco-Dent, Jason, and Burt’s Bees .

Looking Spiffy
Lets face it we live in a vain society and we all like to look our best. Unfortunately, most styling products are filled with chemicals that do not do a body good. As with other aspects of personal care you absolutely want to avoid Parabens, Phthalates, fragrance and coal tar colorants. Try products like John Masters Organics, My Honey Child and Carol’s Daughter for your styling needs. None of us are under the misconception that hair dye is good for us, but none the less we want to dye our hair. Of course when selecting a hair dye you should avoid any of the previously mentioned coal tar colorants. You should also avoid dyes that contain hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and lead acetate. Henna is the best way to color your hair, but it isn’t practical for everyone. As an alternative try Aubrey Organics natural dyes. If your hair is in need of relaxer, try and avoid products that contain lye and Parabens. Use Baka Beauty’s natural relaxer as an alternative.

Obviously, many of these companies have a wide variety of products. Now that you know what to look for you can try the different offerings out to find what works best for you. Looking for what is available both online and at health related stores nationwide will increase your product knowledge and expand your list of products available.Bild_Personal_Care




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